A few years ago I got the idea to start a children’s clothing line.  It was such a fun creative outlet and more hard work than I ever imagined.  I loved the brand that I built and my customers and adored the opportunity that it gave me to work more on another love of mine, photography.  Soon a decision had to be made as I found myself pulled in  a million different directions.  Something had to give.  I decided to take a break from clothing design to give my other dream a chance.  My shop, Little Lotti Clothing, has been on vacation ever since as I focused my attention and energy on my photography but lately I have found myself drawn back to design like a moth to a flame. 

I am excited to say that I have a spring/summer collection planned for 2012 and with a little luck and hard work I will be able to see it come to fruition while still nurturing my growing photography business.  In the mean time, I re-opened my shop with a few designs from my last collection, The Bohemian Rose.  There are a couple ready to ship pieces and some that you can order to be made in whatever size you need.  I also added 2 new dolls to the shop.  They are ready to ship so they will be there just in time for the holidays.  I will be adding more dolls in the upcoming weeks.  All ready to ship.  I hope you like them♥


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