I have been enamored of film for just about as long as I can remember.  The smell of it, the gorgeous grain and the anticipation of waiting to see what you have captured, call to me like a siren song.  I was absolutely over the moon when my sister gifted me a Diana F+ film camera for Christmas.  You will just have to imagine my delight as I loaded my first roll of film in way too many years.  I have been savoring each exposure and can’t wait to see what I have created on that rich black and white film.

This week my challenge with my 52 project was b&w.  I have to be honest, I didn’t spend much time thinking of what to shoot this week.  It has been definitely been one of those weeks where life just catches up with you.  Sick babies, after school sports and life in general conspired to make me slow and lazy and I really slacked off.  I went out yesterday morning for some time to myself with my dslr and Diana in hand and snapped this shot.  It was so nice to stand in the snow and cold and capture the world around me.  No matter the format, I just love photography.


Be sure to stop by Amy’s blog and see what she captured this week:)

18 thoughts on “4/52 Film is not dead

  1. Angie

    Cool shot – and so true! Film is not dead. I have a Holga, and even though I only like about 10% of what I shoot with it, I *love* that 10% :) I’d love to see your shots, hope you post them!


  2. Crysta

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this… and jealous because I wish I had a Diana. I drool over them frequently but haven’t committed. Love the white of the snow against the dark. great!!


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