I wrote about journaling once before on this blog and it really said perfectly how I feel about it so I thought I would share it again and then talk about what I think about it now. February 2, 2011 This post brought to you by the letter J. Growing up I kept a diary.  Well, let me be honest, I kept many diaries.  At times I wrote in it everyday, whether I had something to say or not.  My… Read more »

You know those days when your bed pleads with you to stay just a little bit longer?  Where the shadows on the wall play like a movie you’ve just got to see.  Those days when your legs seem incapable of carrying you past your bedroom door and slippers and robe call out to you that they’re all you need.  I’m definitely having one of those days today on this cool, grey Monday.  Not a moody, melancholy day but a day… Read more »

This is my winter song to you The storm is coming soon It rolls in from the sea My voice, a beacon in the night My words will be your light To carry you to me Is love alive? Is love alive? Is love (pause) They say that things just can not grow Beneath the winter snow Or so I have been told They say we’re buried far Just like a distant star I simply can not hold Is love… Read more »

Last year was the first time I picked a “word of the year” and I am so excited to do it again this year.  What a great way to set expectations for the new year and all that one hopes to get out of it?  When picking my word I like to think about what I want to do with my year, what kinds of things I hope to accomplish, what changes I’d like to make and what will leave… Read more »

It’s been a wee bit quiet around here but I didn’t fall off the edge of the earth, I promise.  As life sometimes goes, things can happen that take us away from our plans and schemes.  Soon after moving into the farmhouse I came down with what my doctor called “a weird strain of the flu”.  This weird flu makes you feel like you are at deaths door with no help in sight.  It lasted almost 3 weeks.  In this… Read more »

They didn’t have you where I come from Never knew the best was yet to come Life began when I saw your face And I hear your laugh like a serenade How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough, is forever enough How long do you want to be loved Is forever enough Cause I’m never, never giving you up I slip in bed when you’re asleep To hold you close and feel your breath on me… Read more »

I know it can’t only be me that has noticed the complete regression in fads lately.  Overalls are back in style along with harem pants(MC hammer pants back in the day), acid wash jeans with high waists, even the mighty tight roll(or peg depending on where in the country you are from) made a brief comeback.  I cringe a bit every time I see an old crazy style that I never thought to see again and while some of it… Read more »

I started a wonderful workshop today for creative businesses and this quote just sums up for me what I want to get out of it.  It is what I strive to do in my life for myself, my God and everyone around me.   ♥

If you are a photographer and aren’t familiar with the blog Reverie Mine you really should pull up a seat, grab a cup of your favorite brew and get ready to be inspired.  Isn’t the name alone just gorgy!  Reverie is the brain child of the enormously talented Skye Hardwick.  It is a place to gather and share inspiration on everything from running your photography business, styling a shoot for cheap to lovelies from Pinterest and behind the scene looks at… Read more »