This week’s challenge in my 52 on Friday group is texture.  I have to be completely honest, the week got away from me so I had to cheat a little.  This photograph is not new but I processed it differently by using a texture for the very first time.  I still have a lot to learn but I can’t wait to try out some more.  I ♥ Florabella everything! Now don’t forget to visit Amy Mae, Nampa Idaho Photographer and see how… Read more »

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the fans, customers and supporters of Little Lotti Clothing.  After a lot of thought, time, stress and reflection I have decided to back away from Little Lotti for the time being. I loved creating this line and the little girls that wear it bring me so much joy but it is time for me to take some time away to focus on my family and to delve more into my passion for photography… Read more »

This week’s theme in 52 on Fridays group is food and I LOVE food.  I like to eat, to cook, to see and smell and to eat.  Did I mention that already?  I thought of about a million different things that I could shoot.  Recipes to create, restaurants to sneak into, but in the end I thought that simplicity is key. M&M’s are quite like gold in my house.  Need a potty training reward?  M&M’s.  Want to make that pantry leftovers trail… Read more »

This week we celebrated the birthday of my oldest child.  Nine years ago Tuesday my whole life changed.  My son was born and in that single complicated, life altering, heart wrenching, magical moment, I became a mom.  I will always be grateful that the good Lord thought me worthy to be the mother, teacher and guardian of these special little people.  It is the best thing that I ever did and will ever do. This week’s theme in my 52 on Friday group… Read more »

This post brought to you by the letter J. Growing up I kept a diary.  Well, let me be honest, I kept many diaries.  At times I wrote in it everyday, whether I had something to say or not.  My diary was a secret friend.  A place where I felt free to pour out my heart and put my every feeling on the pages between the locked cover.  I can still remember laying between my covers listening to Pillow Talk… Read more »